One Thousand & One

Activity Towel

Fouta Towels (Turkish Towels) are thin, multi-use towels traditionally used as towels or worn as covers in Hammams. 

They can be crafted from linen or 100% cotton featuring a delicate fringed detail.

Today, Fouta towels have become a modern lifestyle essential. Known and praised for their versatility, they are both elegant and FUNctional, and they work well in many settings, from our homes to the beach and beyond.

A soft Fouta towel works well as a Beach towel, a Bath time luxury, a casual Picnic throw, or as a Meditation or Yoga mat.

Fouta towels are considerably thinner than conventional bath towels, they are easy to pack and simple to travel with and They can easily transition from the pool to the gym and back again.


Our Fouta towel distinguishes itself by its outstanding hand-feel quality, as they feature tightly woven top quality cotton. Thanks to this unique composition, these towels maintain superior softness while being lightweight and absorbent.