Sugar Bowl with Magnetism

Sugar Bowl with Magnetism


Perfect as a salt cellar or sugar bowl, adding a dramatic flair and rustic elegance to your table. It was lovingly hand-crafted from Mediterranean olive wood. 

Olive wood is extremely hard, dense and non-porous by nature, possesses antibacterial qualities, and is resistant to odor, making it ideal for kitchenware and tableware. And the rich grains and textures of olive wood give each piece a unique and beautiful quality.

  • Olive Wood Handcraft & Characteristics

    Olive wood grain is highly variable and something we cannot change at all, but that’s also part of the beauty. Every piece is hand-cut, hand-carved, hand-shaped, hand-sanded and hand-finished. Since we hand-carve each piece, there will be variations as well in exact cut and shape.

  • Care & Use

    Olive wood is only suitable for hand-wash No dishwasher, oven, freezer, or microwave and for lasting quality, we suggest reapplying any type of vegetable oil to the olive wood item periodically Simply rub oil in with a paper towel.