Wine Holder "In Vino Veritas, in Aqua Sanitas"

Wine Holder "In Vino Veritas, in Aqua Sanitas"


This Wine holder stands in balance with the weight of the bottle. The most elegant way to showcase the wine you are about to share with your friends and family. It goes to show that not only "In Vino Veritas" but also " In Vino Aequilibrium". 


  • Olive Wood Handcraft & Characteristics

    Olive wood grain is highly variable and something we cannot change at all, but that’s also part of the beauty. Every piece is hand-cut, hand-carved, hand-shaped, hand-sanded and hand-finished. Since we hand-carve each piece, there will be variations as well in exact cut and shape.

  • Care & Use

    Olive wood is only suitable for hand-wash No dishwasher, oven, freezer, or microwave and for lasting quality, we suggest reapplying any type of vegetable oil to the olive wood item periodically Simply rub oil in with a paper towel.